P2P Income Statement 1st July 2017

It’s update time again!


I’ve withdrawn the money from my Ratesetter account now that I’ve received the bonus and moved it into my Lendinvest account.


Lots of activity this month. There were a few investments that were paid back to me early and the interest payment for June 2017 has been paid. I also added a total of £2117.60 to the portfolio (this includes the money withdrawn from my Ratesetter account detailed above). The money was immediately invested in further properties (I now have funds invested in 37 properties)

Income June 2017: £39.53

Total Income to Date: £159.76


You’ll remember that last month I set out to move cash over from my normal LendingCrowd account into a LendingCrowd ISA account. This has gone well and a substantial amount has now been moved. The May 2017 interest payment has been included below.

Self Select Account

Income June 2017: £15.86 – £1.68 Service Fees = £14.86 Net

Total Income to Date: £171.15 – £18.79 Service Fees = £152.36 Net

Balance: £504.32

Self Select ISA Account

Income June 2017: No Payments Yet

Balance: £3369.97

There are still 4 loans that have been put into arrears. One thing with this platform is that there will inevitably be loans that fall into arrears and therefore require some form of recovery action. This can take a long time and updates are presented occasionally. As long as the number of defaults remains at a sufficiently low level, then I’m happy to continue investing.


I’m now invested in 6 loans, all of them types of property or land. Interest payments to date are £43.93 and there is £11.04 available as cash for future investment.

Total Holdings as at July 1st 2017

income statement

Ratesetter: £0

Lendinvest: £10047.08

LendingCrowd: £504.32

LendingCrowd ISA: £3369.97

FundingSecure: £2079.97

TOTAL: £16001.34

This represents 8.73% of the mortgage outstanding of £183,364.09.

At the current point in time repayment of the mortgage would therefore be by using:

£16001.34 from my P2P Investment Portfolio (8.73%)

£167,362.75 from my SIPP (91.27%)

Of course, I have another 9 years to alter the balance here, to increase the value of the P2P portfolio and therefore reduce the amount needed from my SIPP.

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