P2P Income Statement 1st June 2017

Latest Income Statement

So, an update on the current position is about due so let’s go:-


You’ll remember that I invested £1000 on 21st May 2016 to obtain a £100 bonus if it was kept with them for a minimum of one year. That year is now up and I can report that there were no issues in getting the bonus and outstanding capital with the stated 3.5% interest. So that’s a 13.5% interest rate.


The interest payment for May 2017 has now been paid and I’ve included it below. I also added another £784.17 to my portfolio and immediately invested in further properties (I now have funds invested in 27 properties)

October 2016: £0.76

November 2016: £3.62

December 2016: 5.69

January 2017: £11.18

February 2017: £10.35

March 2017: £15.80

April 2017: £31.04

May 2017: £41.79

Total to Date: £120.23


More developments here since LendingCrowd announced that it’s self select ISA had become available. Since I have plenty of my £20,000 annual allowance available I decided to move cash over from my normal LendingCrowd account into a LendingCrowd ISA account, which took just a few minutes to set up. This resulted in a downward movement in the overall monthly interest payment which ultimately will more than be made up as the ISA account starts to pay (and of course it’s tax free).

The May 2017 interest payment has been included below.

November 2016: £0.07 – £0.01 Service Fees = £0.06 Net

December 2016: £1.75 – £0.17 Service Fees = £1.58 Net

January 2017: £20.10 – £2.21 Service Fees = £17.89 Net

February 2017: £21.30 – £2.29 Service Fees = £19.01 Net

March 2017: £37.42 – £4.18 Service Fees = £33.24 Net

April 2017: £41.33 – £4.63 Service Fees = £36.70 Net

May 2017: £32.98 – £3.59 Service Fees = £29.39 Net

Total to Date: £137.87

There are now 4 loans that have been put in arrears and one which has late payments. There have been no further updates in terms of recovery or other action.


I’m still invested in 5 loans, all of them types of property or land. Interest payments to date are £30.33.


Total Holdings as at June 1st 2017

income statement

Ratesetter: £0

Lendinvest: £8163.18

LendingCrowd: £1550.56

LendingCrowd ISA: £2305.30

FundingSecure: £2025.00

TOTAL: £14044.04

(which is slightly lower than last month due to the £1135 extracted from the Ratesetter platform)



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